Tuesday, February 1, 2011

And That's a Wrap!

Hey lovies, Today is the first day of February and it's time I catch up with you! The month of January has been crazy packed for me with dance filled things and lots of snow! Despite all the snow days and inconveniences this month has been such a great start to the new year. Here is some of what I've been up to!
       My month started out with finally going to see Billy Elliot on Broadway! Thanks to my Pulse family I got tickets to see this spectacular show. I recommend everyone to go see this show before it goes off Broadway. It's filled with laughter , tears, and lots of fabulous dancing. I then spent a weekend in Atlantic City working behind the scenes with The Pulse on Tour. I got to learn the inner workings of a dance convention, meet some great people, and share some memorable moments. I had lunch with Carmit of The Pussycat Dolls and worked retail with Janet Jackson's choreographer Gil Duldulao! I witnessed some incredible dancing and walked away so inspired! At the end of the month I got to work with some great people on a shoot for a new pin-up/boudoir photography business (Check out Bebe Boudoir on FB). I also went to see Avenue Q another great humor filled show. Finally, I attended a workshop with Raymond Lukens of The American Ballet Theatre and learned about what it takes to be a successful ballet teacher. I wrapped up this weekend back in Atlantic City where I relaxed and gambled away. How was your first month of 2011?
     For the month of February I'm working on a new choreography project with Jeff Friedman at Rutgers for a performance in late April ( more info to come). I'm in graduate school full time, working with The Pulse, and dancing more than ever!  I'm coming up with a new fitness regime to help everyone get into that bikini this summer and my website will be launching shortly! January was such a great start and I'm so excited about the rest of the year! Stay inspired and don't loose sight of your goals!


"Of all the liars in the world sometimes the worst are our own fears"

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