Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Look great, get fit :)

Hello fabulous friends! So you've finally got your butt to join the gym and have been going on a regular basis and OMG have you lost some weight? Great. But seriously, what are you wearing? Most gym's require "fitness attire" but are they really enforcing it? I don't think so. At my hometown gym I think I have seen it all, from flips flops and jeans, to business attire and baggy old t-shirts. News flash everyone they make fitness gear for a reason! So maybe your not completely ridiculous and actually wear some type of sweat pant, a tank top, and sneakers but is that really fitness attire? Do you feel good in what your wearing? Just because your breaking a sweat does not mean you can't look good doing it. If your wear frumpy clothes to the gym you will feel frumpy and will have a frumpy work out. Lets start off by wearing some form fitting clothing that accentuates your favorite features. Now skip the cotton, do you really like walking around with sweat puddles on your clothes? Gross. If you buy actual fitness attire most are made with sweat absorbing material so you don't feel the need to ring your tank after spin class. Now all you have to do is wear a sports bra, pull your hair back, and throw on the proper sneaker for your workout. Taadaa! You now look like a hot fitness chick :) Are you wondering wear to get this snazzy gear I speak of? Victoria's Secret carries a great fitness line with all different styles and colors to choose from. On a budget? Target also carries plenty of Champion fitness gear for ladies. Take a peak at some of my favorite items from both of those stores and get shopping!

Victoria's Secret
Doutzen Kroes Sweaty in Victoria’s Secret VSX Workout ClothesDoutzen Kroes Sweaty in Victoria’s Secret VSX Workout Clothes


Monday, September 6, 2010

The wonderful world of PROPS

Lets talk props! Throughout my years dancing and competing I've witness and been part of several routine where props have been involved. Many times choreographers use props in their routines to create a scene or setting. Other times props are directly involved as a piece of choreography and sometimes it's a mixed of both. Routines are sometimes created around the use of the prop and other times it is just there for "decoration". I've seen routines in which props were used brilliantly and others which potentially ruined the choreography. Dance competitions are normally very fond of props from pictures frames to full out scenery. Most competitions require the props to be used for X amount of time throughout the dance which can be a challenge to the choreographer. Choreographers may use props in an abstract way or make it's purpose very obvious. Using props can sometimes be very difficult but when used correctly it can be magical. I believe in order to create a successful piece of art the prop must be used creatively. Take a look at these videos below of some of my favorite prop enhanced routines. Enjoy, put on your favorite song, grab the nearest item and get creative :)

Lost - Choreography by Just Plain Dancing

Calling You SYTYCD season 2  - Choreography by Mia Michaels

Love Lockdown SYTYCD season 5 - Choreography by Tabitha & Napoleon