Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Observing Dance

Sometimes as dancers we get so caught up in our own classes and performances that we never get the chance to see other people perform even though it's something any artist should do. It's important to go see shows being performed by other studios, companies, or schools to see what other people are doing. Many times seeing or experiencing other dance works will spark some new creativity or motivation in a dancer or choreographer. It's also important to keep yourself current with what is going on in the dance world. This past weekend I went to see a performance by the "Hip Hop Dance Conservatory" which was called "My ghetto pop life". I learned a lot from going to see this show just about the school in general and their methods and techniques. I also got to witness some really great dancing in the process. It is evident that the boot camp style training at this school has paid off for these dancers because the technique that these dancers posses is outstanding. There were some technical difficulties through out the show which were distracting and seemed unprofessional otherwise I really enjoyed the performance. Each piece of the performance showcased different dancers in different styles of hip hop and brought hip hop dance to a different level. There was one dancer in particular who kept my attention throughout the show. She was a young female with amazing technique in popping, locking, and waving. I found that she was the best female hip hop dancer I have ever came across to date. It was great to see a woman as a principal dancer in a hip hop company because hip hop dance often caters to males. The performance opened up my eyes to different styles of hip hop and introduced me to incredible dancers. I found this performance extremely motivating and I would recommend any dancer to see this schools summer showcase and any other performances they come across. I encourage you all to youtube "HDC NY" and "Raphela Riemer" and get inspired !

Thursday, April 15, 2010

After Burn

As I mentioned in previous posts I love to work out! I usually work out 5 to 6 days out of the week and lately I've got into this habit of working out twice a day for 3 of those days. Most people would just think I'm crazy or a workout addict (not ruling out that idea haha) but there really is a method to my madness. I purchased "Making the cut" by Jillian Michaels which is a 30 day fitness and diet plan to the "strongest,sexiest you". Although I don't follow the fitness or diet plan from this book just yet I found some exercise tips and concepts that seemed really great and adapted them to my general routine. Michaels has a section in this book titled "Twice a day" which is where I got the original idea of working out twice a day. Michaels explains that "after burn" plays a major role in the amount of calories you burn. After burn is the amount of calories your body burns post working out. After working out your body works over time to get back to "pre-work out" conditions. When you work out twice a day your body goes through this process twice and your after burn is now doubled. Is this going to make a HUGE impact on how many pounds that will be shed overall? No but its just an extra little push and when your trying to get into top physical shape every little extra counts. So if your looking to be in ridiculous shape give it a try ! Just spilt up your weight lifting and cardio session and your good to go! This concept is not for everyone but I just thought I'd give you the 411 about "gyming it" twice a day. Interested in learning more about this or getting into great shape? Check the book out for yourself because this woman obviously knows what shes talking about !

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Different Directions

Twinkle toes, my life has been so fun, crazy, and busy but I did not forget about you! I have had a crazy filled week of rehearsals and I'm excited to tell you about it. I've previously mentioned my recent project working with a hip-hop dance crew and it has been going great. We have been putting together some awesome dance routines and this week we did something completely new. The founder of our crew is primarily a hip hop and breaking instructor but with his last routine he stepped completely out of the box. He put together a contemporary piece to "Walking on air" by Kerli and it is really awesome. I find it so important for people to continue breaking through barriers and coming out of their comfort zone because the results are magical. I'm posting the video for all of you to see the piece and I'm writing about this not only because I love the routine but because I want to remind all artist out there to travel in different directions. Break away from your "norm" and try something different. Challenging yourself will help you grow in all aspects of your art. Check the video and get inspired to try something new! Love you !