Saturday, December 4, 2010

'Tis the season for overeating

Hey loves! As the holiday season is well under way I decided it was an important time to reconnect with you all. I hope you are all just as excited as I am about the wonderful holidays but I want to make sure you truly enjoy all the fun with zero guilt! The holidays are a fun time to share quality time with loved ones, family, and friends and unfortunately "'tis the season for overeating"! Did you know that during the holidays the average American packs on an extra five pounds! Personally I'm not one to deprive myself during the holiday festivities but just like you I don't want to pack on ANY pounds either. After consulting several different magazines and online sources I put together this list of simple ways to save your waist line without any deprivation. Try one, four, or all of them for a truly happy and skinny holiday season. Have fun x0

1. EAT! Many people starve themselves the entire day until the party in order to "save calories" for the huge dinner. Big mistake, by the time you eat your body is in starvation mode and will over eat. Eat your normal breakfast and lunch which will lead you to eating a normal dinner too.

2. DRINK WATER! Right before you head out consume a glass of water and continue to drink water throughout the night to keep the calorie count down. 

3. IF YOU DON'T LOVE IT, DON'T EAT IT! Don't eat anything just because it's there or because you feel pressure to eat everything presented to you. 

4. CHEW GUM! Chewing on a piece of gum will keep you out of trouble by keeping your  mouth occupied throughout the event.

5. EAT BEFORE YOU GO! Have something fiber filled like an apple before you head out the door, it will moderate your appetite. 

6. STAY AWAY! Don't sit close to the snacks, buffet table, or dessert trays. If you have to walk away from your current engagement to get a bite you'll think twice. 

7. WATCH THE BOOZE! I hope we all know how calorie packed alcohol is and if you over do it your less likely to care about your food choices. 

8. SNUG CLOTHING! If your too busy holding in you tummy to look great in that outfit food will be the last thing on your wondering mind. 

9. BRING A DISH! Find a wonderful healthy holiday recipe, make it, and bring it to the party. The party host will love your contribution and you now have a healthy meal on your plate. 

10. SKIP THE TOPPINGS! Stay away from extra cheese, dressing, nuts, gravy's, or anything else in that family. The meals are delicious without it and they are calorie demons. 


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